Mind mapping

My relationship to DC is reluctant, but fierce—as DC becomes overrun with military and white supremacists in the lead up to the inauguration, I especially feel defensive of my city. To be fair, I feel that way even with friends who've just moved here (they generally know much cooler places to hang out than I do). I moved halfway across the world to escape its buttoned-up normative culture, but I've been back in the area for a good four years, and I can be quite protective. I made this little zine to mark my place here.

I'm a third generation native of the city, which is pretty unusual, especially for a white person in my income bracket. The first neighborhood that we lived in was Adams Morgan. The area I grew up in is technically considered Lanier Heights. I assumed this name was a recent rebrand of the gentrifying neighborhood, but evidently this name predates Adams Morgan. I locked up Lanier Heights and Adams Morgan as an overlapping unit. I chose a typeface that erodes down to its serifs, fading like memory.

Adams Morgan has a sloppy reputation. It's where you eat Jumbo Slice pizza and chug water at 4am after you've had a few too many. Though I lived there until I was about 12, I was not aware of this ubiquitous greasy pizza until someone kindly invited me to one on a dating app (I declined). I maintain that there is a lot to do in Admo, though I certainly never called it that, even if you are underage or sober. I wanted to set the record straight with a map entirely from memory—the roads don't correspond with "today's map" and the destinations are particular to my childhood.

This zine was made to be printed on my Dad's terrible printer (or any Dad's terrible printer) with instructions on how to fold. This batch was printed on Astrobrights' double-sided cardstock.

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