Infographics revisited

Styling an infographic and keeping it user friendly can be a challenge. Certainly, the form versus function debate is alive and well in health design. I still think it's possible to strike a balance between graphics that are trustworthy, usable, and still personable.

I was recently tasked with redesigning a report and slide deck for the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) for their Ending the HIV Epidemic efforts. The material included about a dozen visualizations from various external sources. For the slide deck in particular, which unveiled the Social Innovation Department's new look and feel for their End HIV campaign, it felt necessary to do a makeover in order to keep things cohesive.

Accessibility was important to BCHD and I was careful to use their brand colors with that in mind. Reversing the colors on the line graphs, with the darker navy as a background, allowed me to use their colors accessibly.

The most challenging infographic of the batch was a map of Baltimore. Image trace and the pen tool were my weapons of choice to attack this on Illustrator. In order to be accessible, I knew I needed to keep the colors as distinct as possible in order to differentiate the zip codes. This was challenging with the branded colors provided.

Here was the image that I was provided with (no source data was available):

Here was the result:

You can see other work with BCHD in my portfolio and view the draft plan with these infographics on the End HIV Baltimore website.

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