Imagining a secret society


There is a Jewish mystical belief that Hebrew letters are the building blocks of the cosmos and that a very learned spiritual practitioner can meditate on these letters to create a life-form called a Golem. I imagined a secret society who meet with the intention of creating such a being and called it The Ten. I created a branded kit for the society which includes a letter of acceptance, a deck of cards with the magical correspondences of the Hebrew letters, and an initiation video. I began by creating a style guide with typefaces, textures, colors, and a logo. 

The deck of cards is the most relatable piece in the kit. Although it draws quotes from an ancient Jewish mystical text and references the Jewish calendar, it also has a modern look. I am working on adapting this project for a broader audience with a new deck that will be ready in 2021. I am interested in making Jewish magic more widely understood and available.