Designing a custom typeface


Otrabanda Display is a tuscan serif typeface based off of decorative fonts used to advertise my parents' traveling theater company in the 60s. Their troop rafted up and down the Mississippi River, pitching tent and performing avant-garde theater. The playful letterforms are whimsical and rounded to pay homage to the quirky stories I used to hear about in my youth. 

IG OTRA-11.png
IG OTRA-13.png
IG OTRA-14.png

The bifurcated serifs were particularly challenging, but were crucial in order to preserve the character of the original letterforms I drew inspiration from. Normally straight arms of the capital "E" became rounded and the lower case "k" ended up with an unusual counter. Some of the most unwieldy letterforms ended up being the ones with the most character. I intend to create a set of alternate glyphs for some of the letters I struggled with the most. 

Otrabanda Deck.jpg
IG OTRA-09.png
IG OTRA-15.png