Celebrating a Baltimore artist


Joyce J. Scott is a native of Baltimore and a winner of the 2016 MacArthur genius award. She is a beadworker and fiber artist, among other things. Her work deals with sexism, racism, and other forms of violence. She is not a client. 

I conceptualized a fictitious holiday event with Joyce at Lexington Market called "Politicizing Your Craft" that would help participants weave their values into their craft-making. To publicize the event I developed a poster, prototyped an app with sign-up options, and assembled a book about her life and work. 

I chose an approachable lower case san serif font to match Scott's art. As the book goes on, the dark subject matter of her playful art becomes more clear. I admired Scott's ability to draw the viewer in through form and knock them out with content. As a designer with similar intent to Scott, I based my own self-branding on the visual identity I created for her.