Building an Instagram identity


For years, Krysten had been posting wellness tips alongside beautiful black and white photos under the Instagram handle @wellgoodting, but wanted to step up her social media presence. We developed an identity system that felt unique for wellness branding. Just like her photos, it is full of movement. It pays subtle homage to her Jamaican roots through the vibrant color palette and psychedelic type. The logo uses Pilowlava by Velvetyne—an open source type foundry. 

When Krysten requested templates for her Instagram page, we realized that she really needed a toolkit of elements so that she could continue to develop the brand independently. We worked closely to get the look and feel she was after and then I helped her set up her creative assets on Canva. She hopes to create merchandise to extend the brand's presence beyond social media.

WGT Phone Feed mockup.png
WGT Phone mockup.png
WGT Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png